Be Still… Remember Books…?

Sorry… It’s been a while I know. I find however lately that I prefer to stay quiet. There are enough voices out there in the blogosphere. I don’t care to add to the clanging of symbols. I’d rather be still.

Do we all need to be reviewers, commentators, and critics? Do we all know everything there is to know, and is everyone else wrong? Is our way always best? Are our hearts more pure than theirs?Are our religious doctrines or political opinions just plain right, and they are just plain wrong? Do you really need to know the minutia of my every day, and do I need to know yours?
My absolute favorite thing to do as of late is to sit in my brand new desk chair with my desk lamp on and no other light… drink some hot tea… and just read. I read books. Books are those things with all the words in them that we use to have before people gave up on them to read the opinions and general blather that makes up most of these blog sites nowadays… including this very blog you are reading at this very moment 🙂
Do yourself a favor… Get away from your computer. Leave Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / whatever other social site you’re addicted to. Put your “smart” phone away somewhere that you won’t hear it ring or feel it vibrate. If you’re work and life allows go back to the “dumb” phones we use to have that kept us less dependent and caught up in all the all that’s always going on that we can’t miss at all not even one second.
Pick up a book. I’d suggest the Bible, but if you want to start simple than pick up the Chronicles Of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, The Space Trilogy also by C.S. Lewis, or even your favorite book from when you were a kid. My favorite book when I was a young lad of 10 or 12 was Stuart Little. I loved that book, along with Where The Red Fern Grows… Just learn to enjoy reading again. It’s good for you.
Also, get involved in other peoples lives and start praying for and caring for them. I think that will be time better spent than sitting on Facebook.
P.S. I will probably be back on Facebook in a month or so at which point I will deny that I ever wrote this blog post and it will probably disappear shortly thereafter. However, until then… I’ve really enjoyed my quiet time. Unplugging for a while has helped me to spend more time with God that has been more rich than normal. I dare you all to give it a try.