Dear One

Today we attended the funeral for the 1 year old son of some close friends of ours. As I sat in the ceremony words started to formulate in my head so when I got a chance I tried to capture them best I could. Here is what came out of it.
Dear One
Yes, dear one it is true.
You have left us deep in want.
We love the former so, but can not call it home.
We long for the latter, and ache within our chest.
That the days would not tarry.
     That the promise would be fulfilled.
That all things would truly be made new.
     “That all things sad would come untrue.”
Even the most innocent of us must face the lonely road of death.
Even the smallest form is but a chrysalis hiding the truth.
Even the youngest of ancients is delayed but momentarily.
Even, you dear one, though your life was just new.
As Buechner said,
     “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen.
          Don’t be afraid.”

So till the day when faces meet…
When hands are for holding and lips are for kissing… 
When legs are for running and lungs are for breathing…
Till the day when our arms lock round each other…
I will not fear, dear one.
I will bathe in the beauty.
I will breathe through the brokenness.
I will hold to the promise.
Dear One. Be Near.