Dumb Car

I’m trying something new I guess. I really like the singer/songwriter style and how an artist can take what would be a somewhat common story from their life and turn it into this cool song infused with meaning and purpose. One struggle that I’ve been working through lately is feeling insignificant and also trying to run from pain in life instead of facing it. I sort of want to leave the lead in to these lyrics as generic as that I guess and let you read your own meaning in as well. I’ll try to get a cheap recording before too long so you can hear the melody. So without further ado here are the lyrics to the song I’ve entitled “Dumb Car”.

PS. Yes it’s meant to be a little fun, and a little serious. I’d love your thoughts.


Well I bought it for the speed and for the thrill of feeling young again
and when it ran I ran far from all my problems
at least the ones I couldn’t fix
oh, push down the pedal watch them all fade away in my mirrors
driving in my car

One night I pulled out of my driveway
and the night had all but pulled into my heart
With all my worries and my doubts I pressed that pedal to the ground
and all the death that lived in me caused life to flee
from that dumb car

Oh a five dollar part cost me four thousand more
Isn’t life good at teaching this?
That five dollar parts can not be forgotten…

Well I bought it for the speed and for the thrill of feeling young again
but age is teaching me that I can’t run from pain
in that dumb car


I did a quick recording of the song just for fun… Enjoy!

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